Important Lessons From The Chinese Bamboo

Important Lessons From The Chinese Bamboo

This story I got from KC Tan’s email, and I would like to share on this post because this is true story which come to everyone, I guess. So, for me this important lesson and as motivation to stay on work hard and keep consistent also positive mindset.

I believe that nature has a way of teaching us timeless lessons about life and I want to share with you the story of the Chinese bamboo today.

Now, try imagining yourself growing a bamboo plant. After carefully planting the seed in the soil, you water and care for it every day.

10 days passed but there is no sign of growth. You continue to water it for another 3 weeks. Still, nothing seems to be growing.

2 months later, you look at the soil… in disbelief. There is still nothing.

Many people would have given up by now. It’s been 2 months! It’s easy to think ‘the seed must have died’ or ‘why should I be wasting my time? It’s not working.’

But what about you? Will you plan to give up now?

In fact, you have literally nothing to show for in the first, second or even the third year… In the fourth year, the soil is still barren.

Four long years of hard work – has it all gone down the drain? Hold on. Look what happens…

In the fifth year, not only does your bamboo plant sprout from the ground, it shoots up to ninety feet tall in six weeks!

Just imagine, what would it be if you had given up?

You would never have gotten the chance to see how amazing your little bamboo seed can become.

The key lesson to take away here is the importance of patience, persistence and consistency.

When it comes to online businesses, many people are overly focused on getting instant results. Unfortunately, having this kind of mindset will only set themselves up for failure eventually.

In reality, building an online business is likened to growing a bamboo seed – it is a gradual process that takes time and effort, consistently day after day, in order for you to see results down the road.

On this journey in your online business, you may experience times when you work very hard for days or even weeks, and you don’t seem to be seeing much results.

But please, DON’T stop. Your hard work is not in vain.

You may not realize it but the “roots of your seed” are growing deep into the soil by day and getting you ready for success in time to come…

Take heart that all the valuable lessons and experiences that you are gaining at this present stage of your journey are your “roots” and they are here to help you.

Remember the bamboo plant and how it shoots up to ninety feet above the ground in its fifth year? Think again and you’ll realize that it did not achieve that astounding growth in six weeks, but over a gradual process that took five years.

So Friend, I hope you will never stop believing and continuing to work on the seed that you have planted!

Have trust in the process and continue to build on what you have started on, every day. With consistency and patience, you will eventually enjoy the fruits you deserve!

And as you continue to nurture your seed, do so knowing that I believe in you, and I will be glad to lend you a hand as long as your dream lives in your heart – no matter how big or small!

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